The Dark Years

by Jeremy Bursich

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I first released this album as a cross-breed project. It was Lofi Dystopian Folktronica. I remixed the album as a solely acoustic album and that's what you hear here. I plan to re-release the original mix in the future but have not yet determined a date for the release.


released January 20, 2012

From start to finish, everything you hear was done exclusively by Jeremy Bursich. Artwork by Katastrophe.



all rights reserved


Jeremy Bursich Arcata, California

Jeremy Bursich is always working on something. With six self-produced albums under his belt in the last five years and a seventh album in production, he still manages to find time to host open mics, organize and perform in concerts, manage Fairly Modest Records, and wrap his head in plaster of paris for his hellishly playful sculptures. ... more

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Track Name: Rainy Day
What happens when the thing the love the most in this life goes away?
Nothing will ever be the same again no everything has changed.
Can you describe the way it makes you feel? The emptiness the pain.
A sky without a sun, you're broken every day just stays the same.
Every day just stays the same.
And if I decide to say goodbye through suicide,
Would everything just be alright? Would we be better off tonight?
And If we can't look back to photographs and memories in vain,
There's really no one else to blame, and every day just stays the same.
Every day just stays the same.
Track Name: These Scars
I don't wanna wear these scars on my arms for the rest of my life.
And is it really my choice whether I live or I die.
Don't wanna deal with these problems that constantly haunt me.
All these beautiful people that don't really want me.
All I have is one choice that's mine to be made.
And that's to lay down in the bed I have made.
Oh lord can free me from this destructive device.
So I don't have to shoot smack smoke crack and ruin my life.
Free me from the grip of Satan, from these chains that bind me.
Sometimes I wish I could go back and just rewind me.
Go back to a time before it all began.
And slap that motherfuckin needle right outta my hand.
Look kid you don't know what you're doin to yourself.
Is a minute of heaven worth a lifetime in hell?
And if you don't think so you should save yourself the tryin.
Just load up ten years in one shot and save yourself the cryin.
The tears of your family, the tears of your friends.
The tears you're gonna cry when it comes to the end.
When you see that your whole life has been outlined in chalk.
When you realize that your feelings can't be sold and bought.
I don't you to suffer I don't want you to cry.
I've given you the choice now please don't choose to die.
Though the course may change the rivers always reach the seas.
The only difference is that you don't have to die from this disease.